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Hello there, I have grown sick of a forum that shall remained unnamed. Although, I am sure most, if not all, of you know of this forum.

I've decided to finally make the move over to UnixHub. I am positive I will not be disappointed in my decision. Especially being as I will be part of an international forum brought together by a common ground that is *nix, instead of what people call "hacking."

I feel as though the atmosphere will be intireily(SP?) different, as I can be more lax here. I don't have to watch what I post because I'd have to worry about some kid bothering and pestering me. I am sure my knowledge in the *nix field will be greater grown here at UnixHub rather than it will be anywhere else.

But here is some back story on myself.

I am in the United Stated Army. I am a 25B, which is a Technology Information Specialist. I am also airborne, I jump out of planes. I like a variety of music genres, and I'm pretty laid back. Oh, and I play xbox.

I use *nix constantly, it has become my pride and joy in the past years. It's become my outlet in times of stress, and it has become my precious child as I grow it myself. I'm probably going to make the move over to FreeBSD here soon, moving away from Arch Linux. I will probably end up using both, however. I feel as though getting more into *BSD will get me closer to my goal, though.

Thanks guys.

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