Native Linux Experiment [Kyocera Rise C5155] - Android & Iphone

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I was going to ask this question in the IRC, but seeing as it's down, you folks have very craftily succeeded in getting me signed up here :D

The Experiment:

I would like to know if it is possible to install Linux/BSD/any modern unix variant natively on an Android device, either on the device's internal storage or the SD card (or both).

I understand that it is possible with some phones, and may not be easily achievable on others.

I have a Kyocera RIse C5155 that I am prepared to risk bricking in the name of exploration to see if this can be done. If I can get a console and wifi connectivity working natively, I'll be happy.

Preferably, I'd like to put Debian ARM on the handheld because I have the most experience with Debian, but any modern unix/unix-like distribution would be an achievement as far as this experiment goes.

If anybody could tell me where to begin, or offer any insight, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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