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Hi everyone

Just wanted to share something I came across today. Those of you using tmux daily may or may not find this useful.

So I had for a long time bound this command for tmux to get a pane zoomed out (maximized):

bind C-z run "if [[ $(tmux list-window) =~ z00m ]]; then tmux last-window; tmux swap-pane -s z00m.0;tmux kill-window -t z00m; else tmux new-window -d -n z00m 'clear && echo TMUX ZOOM && read'; tmux swap-pane -s z00m.0; tmux select-window -t z00m;fi"

This worked more or less fine (you couldn't change window during the maximizing process, and you could only zoom out one pane at the time).
Thanks to gotbletu YouTube I came across tmux-zoom, which works way better than that oneliner...

github - jipumarino

Even zooming out more than one pane is working fine.

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