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Long time nixers
Greetings everyone!

I'm eksith. Nice to meet you.

Consultant, developer/programmer, designer, amateur therapist type -- who's not particularly great at any of them -- with mild OCD here. I usually get drafted to do something else from whatever it is I'm doing at the moment. No complaints (that's a massive lie).

I enjoy taking apart things for no particular reason. My folks tell me this was a problem since I discovered a screwdriver.

Wee bit of background:
I've dabbled in multiple variants of *nix, but these days, I tend to hover around OpenBSD because I'm incredibly lazy at times and this is one OS that doesn't need constant baby sitting. Remember the good ol' days when a bunch of shell scripts ran your universe? Yeah, those were (are? Well, they ought to be be!) good times.

My first *nix system was FreeBSD and my first proper tutorial that I followed end-to-end was setting up a cvsup server. I think this was around 2003-ish.

These days I've been working on writing, re-writing, re-re-writing very simple utilities and tinkering with electronics as a hobby or if I'm not in the mood, I relax with a bit of Anime. I have terrible spelling and grammar so it takes just slightly more than the half-life of Americium-241 to finish a sentence I care about (I started writing this in 1581 with a quill dipped in yak dung).

[ I'm originally from the Windows world with a whole complicated history there, but that's not applicable here ;) ]

How I got here :
From Hacker News, oddly enough, when I asked D9u about his off-grid setup a couple of months back. Off-grid and sustainable living are dreams of mine. Long story short, I want my sustainable cabin to be tendered by robots. Preferably running some variant of Debian or OpenBSD.

In my usual cart-before-horse fashion, I signed up before lurking much so... yeah. ;)

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