(12-02-2014, 03:03 AM)cyberpunkz Wrote: Here is my Conky + Bar in MCWM the bottom bar is xmobar with a tiny script to show xmms2 current , weather and simple freebsd uptime.
More screenshots on my Deviantart @
[Image: mcwm___bar__based_on_xcb____xmobar_on_fr...763wp3.png]

This truly kicks ass! I love it. Very original.
thanks , I put quite some time into it lulz.. i wish i can add workspace tags like u see on other tiling manager. MCWM is not tiling which is what i like about it.. but u still have 10 workspaces. be nice if i can use bar to have tabs for mcwm.. its no big deal as i have to remember everything i have for each workspace lulz.

be cool like take bspwm "workspace tags" and have it for mcwm :P

You should look into 2bwm, you can have workspace tags with it.
i have look into 2bwm its just the border is different from mcwm and i wish to just have the mcwm back .

and thanks for letting me know, yBeastie. if you got some time to help me out with the workspace tagging or some examples , so i can just see and do my own thing.

thanks for letting me know :)

2bwm is cool by the way. I think its u that fork mcwm , if im not mistaken.

i'm using the mcwm-beast source which i think its by u with the patches .

Hey heres a 2bwm screenshot with pcmanfm, conky | bar , xmobar.

[Image: 2bwm_lilac_theme_by_ipodpunker-d766v7v.png]
Here is 2 screenshots of 2bwm with conky pipe to bar, pcmanfm and tmux + weechat :)

Screenshot 1
[Image: 2bwm_blown_theme___clean_by_ipodpunker-d768ada.png]
Screenshot 2
[Image: 2bwm_brown_theme_weechat_pcmanfm_tmux_ba...768avj.png]
Theme + .Xdefault & bar is all using Terminus font.
Nice! Try to use the same font in your terminal and on your gtk theme and your top bar.
it is the same font to be honest, but i took your advice, and re-sized the font.

This is what i came up with, not sure if you consider this a "improvement". I think it looks better. :)

[Image: 2bwm_terminus_font_by_ipodpunker-d7698ms.png]
Yes! this is good.
(19-01-2014, 06:03 AM)funriz Wrote: bar with some powerlineporn:

[Image: qNqbLGy.png]

or link:

Can you post configs? :)