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Hi, I am a new user, Venam told me about this site, he says it's a great forum.

I have an interesting question. I downloaded Scid from the software center, as far as I know, everything we download from the center should be an apt package, thus it should be detectable by the system.

However, scid is not listed in the menu of installed apps, the default application finder does not find it, nor Synapse, they find everything but Scid. Why?

I'm on Xubuntu 13.10 but this issue is on every Debian/Ubuntu based distro, because I used Crunchbang, Elementary OS, you name it, had the same issue (I haven't try it on other distros). I just want to know why some software aren't detectable by the system.
The menu of installed applications reads from /usr/share/applications which is composed of .desktop files. Not all programs create a .desktop file. You can create it by yourself.
[Desktop Entry]
What NeoTerra said.
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