Plan9 is now under GPL - Other *nix-like OSes
Hello Unixer,
I'm just reposting something that you might have already read somewhere else.
What do you think about this?
Will RMS start using Plan9?
hmm.. Interesting. Might want to look into plan9 again.

Thanks for the info venam.
you can turn twm into a plan 9 setup ;)
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It's just so damn hard to get used to the mouse after being part of the glorious keyboard only master race, but it is definitely a cool system to play around with. Sadly, it's sliding a bit too much into obscurity.
@dami0: I really want to use it as a main system.
The problem: I want to do some shitposting on 4chan, too...
Licensing (within reason) is always of secondary importance to me.

The usability, practicality and functionality are my biggest concerns.

Plan 9 is lacking in some functionality
Still well worth a look though!

Thanks for the update venam
I don't want to be mean, but I would like to say this is from february 2014.
Oh god, just goes to show how little I pay attention to licensing changes
I guess this will be amazing cause i think Plan9 will have many user more having more application like Firefox etc.
No, most likely not. Plan9 is an invory tower, a nice experiment and excellent ground for tinkering. But that's about it.

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