Finalizing initial distro design decisions - GNU/Linux
Before the distro development can progress to any significant form, we have to be on the same level with our understanding of the goals for the project, and how we're going to get there.

What is assumed/given:
-This distro will be Linux based - not BSD based.
-This distro will be x64_64 multilib and i686.
-Bash will not be the default shell
-Systemd will not be used

What I personally would like to see:
-Rolling release
-Both stable, and bleeding repos
-Default Btrfs install
-Default ZSH

What has been brought up on IRC:
-Default ZFS install
-Pkgsrc package manager
-Stable release, stable packages, and *long term releases*
-Other things

I know that I am missing a lot of things that have been brought up in the IRC at points, even just in passing, so if you have an idea, please, share it. Once we can agree on a set of absolutes, further development (and official development) can begin.
We're going to need to decide between Btrfs and ZFS. Other than that, things look good.

What are we going to do about the init system, then? SysV, OpenRC, busybox, roll our own? Personally I like OpenRC (or anything BSD-style, to be honest).

Version: 3.1
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I'm pretty interested in using Busybox, but I'm open to anything (that's not systemd). Rolling out our own is an interesting concept, but I think we should save that project for another time.
So what can I do to help?

i can into C++, python, and powerline almost anything.
Doubt I can contribute much on the coding side, but if you guys want splash screens or any other graphics work done, let me know. I'd be happy to help.
I did the splash and a few logos for ArchBSD back in the day.
How will the maintenance of packages go?
I would love OpenRC personally.
Dictated but not red.
If you can make an argument for it, I'm open to the idea.
We should have a separate section for all things having to do with UnixHub Linux.
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