Poll: Remove the birthday system?
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Forum Change: Removing the Birthday System - Community & Forums Related Discussions
Currently, the user profile shows the user's birthday,

I think this feature has no place on this forum and should be removed:

- the mybb calendar feature is disabled
- age shouldn't count on a community like this
Maybe you still could keep the date without the year so you still know when it's somebodies birthday and just say Happy Birthday on the irc?
I personally know 4 birthdays of other nixers; yours, fb0x', mafia's and Vompatti's.

fb0x? now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time..
I'm not particularly bothered, would it would be nice to know, if only to give a bit of context to some of the IRC discussions. I've been confused about how old people are before :p
democracy for the win!
Democracy has spoken! I will be removing the birthday system shortly.
Hi yrmt, double check here ... although seems the b-day system is removed, its legacy remains. Upon saving my profile edit, presented with
Please correct the following errors before continuing:
Please choose a valid birthday privacy option.
work hard, complain less
Alright, I'll look into it thanks for the info.
Fixed :)
I don't like people judging due to age, so I am pleased to see it's removed, but I'd definitely enjoy a birth-date feature, just so we could possible congratulate others?:D

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