What Apps? - BSD
Hey all,

So with my FreeBSD install (Soon to come) I was wondering on recommendations for applications.

For browser i plan to use firefox.
For cloud storage I plan on just using google drive
Text editor, I suppose I'll try out Vim
For word, powerpoint, and excel I'll use libreoffice
Do those sound good?:D

But I'm stuck on a few
What applications do you guys use for organization, like a calendar app?
What app do you use for music? Like iTunes, but an equivalent.
First of all, you don't want an "app". Right? :)

[Image: x0e9K3y.jpg]

I agree with Firefox and Vim. For Word, I highly suggest you to learn LaTeX (if you have the time for that).

For a Calendar, if you're a terminal guy, there's calcurse or wyrd, but I think Google (Keep, Calendar) will be more suitable for you. For music, you can use Rhythmbox/Banshee/Amarok etc, they are all "iTunes equivalent". If you like to listen to music, and be on the terminal, there's cmus, easy to set up. For something more advanced, check out mpd+ncmpcpp. :)
Everything berk said.
Also, if Vim becomes daunting, check these out: http://vim-adventures.com/ http://www.openvim.com/tutorial.html
Hmm, I checked latex out, but it doesn't seam like the thing I'm looking for more of a GUI word processor.
I think google calendar might just do, never noticed it had one until now!

Do you have an ideal for the music players you listed? Cmus looks nice, might check that out as well!:D
Clementine (http://www.clementine-player.org/) is great music player too.
If you already plan on using Google Drive for cloud storage, why not just use Docs for word processing?
To work offline.
You could use libreoffice :)
Or Abiwords
I suggest you don't use firefox but chromium instead, firefox has some issues with image rendering on all the BSDs, in the worst cases it freezes the whole Xorg for ~30 sec.

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