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Here are some links, and advice for people who are majoring in Computer Science in College/University.

As I stated in my last post in this thread, a lot of the math courses you have to go through in college are related to Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics. I also had to take a course called Finite Automata, which while not necessarily a math class, it had math related abstractions such as proofs (I'm not sure if every university requires a course like this though). Once again, make sure you learn as much material as you can in a single class, because you never know when it might pop up in a future class, which happened to me countless times. Here are some helpful links that I have used:

Linear Algebra
Gilbert Strang MIT
This guy is a great professor, and understands some very difficult to grasp concepts in a easy to understand manner. I did not watch every single video, but I probably watched about 10 or 15 of them. Since he is most likely teaching from a different book, the order of the videos may not correspond to how your professor is doing it, but for the most part it is easy to jump between videos. There are also lecture notes, and exams you can practice on.
Schaum's Guide
This is a helpful book, and part of a popular series of books with very good guides/tutorials for different topics. You could probably find a free download online for this as well, or if you have access to your campus library they may have physical or online copies you could use.

Discrete Math/Computer Science Math
Tom Leighton MIT
These videos were also helpful to me when I was going through my Discrete Math class. Once again, I did not watch every one, but the ones I did watch provided very helpful supplementary teaching. The class teaches you about how to write proofs, and the different types of proofs, and goes into more computer science related math like number and graph theory. There are videos, assignments, and exams for the class.
Concrete Mathematics by Knuth
I have seen this book be highly recommended online as a very good textbook for math related to computer science. I have read through a little of it, but I plan to go through as much of it as I can very soon. One of the books authors is also the person that wrote The Art of Computer Programming, and he invented the TeX typesetting system, so he is a pretty good authority. You could easily find a free download online, but I won't post that cause I don't want to break any rules.

Probability and Statistics
I don't really have any good links for these topics. If I stumble across any, I'll add them.

Finite Automata
Jeff Ullman Stanford
I found some of these videos very helpful when going through my automata course, as I had a very difficult/bad professor. He wrote the textbook that we were using in my course, so he is also another pretty good authority on the topic.

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