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because the server in question is an xmpp server AND I don't know what domain it serves, or anything else relevant about it. Think of it a means to reverse-engineer an xmpp server with a virtually zero-knowledge starting point.

i.e. I'm doing a pentest for a client and they run an xmpp/jabber server but its a "double-blind" pentest so I was given a list of IP addresses and a redacted "get-out-of-jail-free" card. I trust my upstream contractor, but my guess is that the xmpp server is going to be my most likely point of entry as the other IP's expose very small foot-prints (mostly HTTP and HTTPS.)


oh, but more to the point, this would be a tool of utility in general, not just in my specific use-case. I make all my testing tools open because I'm trying to improve the craft.


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