What will the world of Linux be like in 3 years time? - GNU/Linux
Wayland + orbment dominance ;)
I see the companies taking more interest & developing parts of the system to be able to control the future direction of Linux. Here I'm thinking of pulseaudio, necessary for using skype, & systemd, being pushed by RedHat. However, I foresee a backlash from hackers, who will rewrite Linux as a new system with a new name. I also feel some users will transfer to the BSDs. Wearable computing will be available & trendy.
I see companies producing their own kernel schedulers and Linux kernel variants and selling them for different use cases to Linux users.

In a way it would be like ARM CPU's. You can literally chose between 40 different ARM CPU's, all of which is based on the same architecture but have subtle differences in performance and design with cost ranging from $70 to thousands of dollars.
The world is quaking from our Linux Thoughts!

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