How Paranoid are you? - Security & Cryptography
When it comes to to the safety and security of your possessions, a normal computer user might find your behavior/efforts at keeping your electronic devices secure to much. Anyone want to tell us what you do to keep your systems secure and/or a story related to the topic?

I encrypt my whole system, files i deem of high importance i 'chmod 600' them through root, so that only when i view/edit them i can only do it through root.I disable my internet connection 'ip link set wlp1s0 down' and only connect when i want/need to use it.I also shutdown when i'm going to leave for a period longer than 10 minutes.
Great now I'm paranoid that I'm not paranoid enough. All I do is lock my computer if I'm leaving it for a bit, though when it's not in use I just turn it off because the battery is terrible. I use ssh keys I guess?
but seriously, i do use vpn on desktop and my phone.
(12-11-2014, 06:56 PM)xero Wrote:
but seriously, i do use vpn on desktop and my phone.

this is great man hahahaha !
(12-11-2014, 06:56 PM)xero Wrote:
but seriously, i do use vpn on desktop and my phone.
That is amazing...

I know that this thread is almost a year old, but in the past few years I have been a lot safer/smarter.
I try to always use tor, encrypt my e-mail, use ddg instead of google, not to be on facebook, and disconnect from the internet if I don't need it. I also don't own a smartphone, because there is no usable alternative that does not spy on me.

So that's it for me.
Well, I think some new smartphones based on firefox OS might be game-changer in terms of security (using SELinux the good way and not android way), working to provides updates like windows and not like android (the vendor SHOULD NOT be able not to provide the newer versions of firefox OS). What do you think of it ?
You'd potentially still end up with your applications being inherently insecure. Perfect example for that is the debacle with libstagefright, Android itself might be patched now (or at least some versions might be), but there are lots of applications that still use the old, vulnerable version because the developers are unaware, too lazy or whatever may be the reason. The problem would be the same for FirefoxOS. I'll stay with my dumbphone.
Firefox OS might be an alternative, but it is not »usable« in my opinion.

I think not enough people have adopted it yet, and I don't have that much need for a smartphone at the moment.
That's true but this isn't only for us. This is for everybody. If everybody uses a smartphone, we should accommodate to that and made an open one, even if for some nerds it will be useless.
That being said, I don't need a smartphone either.

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