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i have nothing to add to the conversation i just wanted to find a way to type on my unicomp man this is great
(14-09-2015, 08:14 AM)pranomostro Wrote: Firefox OS might be an alternative, but it is not »usable« in my opinion.

I think not enough people have adopted it yet, and I don't have that much need for a smartphone at the moment.
The latest builds are, FF OS is shaping nicely.
Nice to hear that. Maybe for christmas (although I would rather buy a decent keyboard).
In ALL honesty, I just don't give a fuck about anything. The most I do is keep my privacy settings on Facebook on shut-in mode to keep my biological family from finding any info on me.
Other than that there's nothing and no one I care enough about to give a fuck whether someone found out my details.

I pity the fool who is stupid enough to try and break into this sociopath's house xD

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