What's on your wishlist? - Off topic
* Two keycaps for my main Model M, one keycap for the replacement Model M.
* A replacement system hard disk for my NAS

That's basically it.
A girlfriend
i _still_ want an ergodox

New laptop and maybe an RPi or Arduino to play around with
I'm in desperate need of chocolate milk and a UEFI bootloader for plan 9
I need a good rack for my growing homelab hardware. And I would love a can opener. Mine broke today.
A monitor array frame. I have three monitors hooked up to my desktop and three more on the way, but no frame to attach them to, so they will sit in their boxes until I find one. Array frames are surprisingly difficult to come by for a decent price in Norway.
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"We're all human, act accordingly." -- Me
@strang3quark: don't we all?
But seriously, falling in love is something I would really like to do-unfortunately I can't control it…
(14-09-2015, 12:05 AM)thetornainbow Wrote: I would love a can opener

its the simple things in life

(08-09-2015, 07:59 AM)strang3quark Wrote: A girlfriend

They arent all that great sometimes

Source: had a breakup today
@pranomostro: Nobody can, but there must be someone "waiting".

@Houseoftea: That sucks, I had one too in February, it was a 3 year relationship...

Anyway, I heard about Slidenjoy, it looks really cool.

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