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i need a new phone. looking at the sony xperia z3v >> http://bit.ly/1vFmclL
xero you should get a one+one
Some friends to play Smash Bros (Wii U) with. Only friend i've got lives 20 mi away and works nights so it's tough to catch up.

Other than that, I'd like a Poker II or a OnePlus One.
Haha, anyone giving away invites to buy them? I'd love a OnePlus One as well.
So christmas is in three months, so its time to resurrect this thread.

I'm hoping to get a job soon becuase there is no way I am getting any of this stuff for christmas.

- Used thinkpad or similar (My linux-native chromebook is not cutting it for me)
- A nice mech keyboard (I do a lot of typing might as well type in comfort)
- Some nice headphones (There is nothing better than relaxing with music on the computer, even better with quailty headphones)

If anyone knows how I could find good deals on these things let me know!

I've been doing a lot of research into them as well as the sort of things to pay attention to when buying used.

What do you want to get?
I need a mech keyboard too... A small arm based computer to act as a media center, and another (or more) terabyte for backups.

Oh, and a good microphone!
@Houseoftea I would love a mechanical keyboard too! And a pair of good headphone + a mic.
A good keyboard.

I would be very happy with a poker II or a HHKB, but in the end what I would really want is a humble hacking keyboard. http://www.humblehacker.com/keyboard/

Unfortunately, the creator says it would cost around 400 $, which is not in the range for what I want to pay for a keyboard.
* pizza
* HHKB or GoN NERD 60 or KEYCOOL 84
* calm depths keycaps(drool)
* Arch pendant (I lost my old one :() http://schwag.archlinux.ca/product/pendant/

I am glad to see so many mech lovers.
i need a new mech, my Corsair K65 RGB isn't too fond of OpenBSD.
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