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Is there already any information about the recently happen'd DDOS-Attacks targeted on our beloved iotek?

Or are we completly unknowing about possible motifs,
respectively a suspicious subjects?

I'm really slightly shocked and sad about thaty; and would like to know more, if there is anything to know(?)

Miss you guys ;-;
Greetings from the great Reich

In love:
nrmc /* ;) */
SpongeboZZ; Bikini Bottom Mafia/
You're cock-sucker, bitch/ silence while godfathers speech/
yeah/ da plancton in muh blunt/ gangster squarepants witha gun/
Sponge iz the bozz in da buiz/ you're creating silly trash/
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Apparently, the attack was done using a range of Brazilian ips.
That's all I know.
Yea, vypr already told me about a brazilian ip.
Really sad. Our little community is dammed to be bitched all the time. Even kiddies from outer circle are hurting our peaceful unix being.
whoever it is, i will personally rape them with a cactus coated in ghost pepper extract
Would pay for a video

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