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Grey Hair Nixers
(06-05-2015, 03:44 PM)zr0 Wrote: CRUX for ever :D
Reminds me of what used to be said when Arch started to be the new cool distro ;)

I've been playing with void and morpheus recently. Not really successful though. Void package making system was odd to play with, and morpheus is just not meant to be a primary distro (still was fun).
I also tried exherbo and parabola recently. Didn't like much the exherbo package manager because I just don't want to deal simplicity with flexibility. For parabola, I wanted to make a "bootstrap script" so that I could create parabola chroots on the fly in order to try ditry things without cluttering my clean setup ;)

I'm also having fun with some sort of LFS, to learn how to linux, as well as working on a package manager. But that's another story ;)

By the way, for all of you guys that like small/light distros, you'd better try Alpine. It's a distro based on busybox + musl. Needless to say how small it is. Its package manager is pretty close from pacman + makepkg, so it works well.

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