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Long time nixers
<p style="margin-top: -2em">Hello everyone. A lot of us found this place through the popular subreddit: /r/unixporn. Now, as someone who has frequently posted on the subreddit for the past 2 years, I've seen the ups and downs (along with some other members of this community) of the subreddit with regards to the quality of posts that get shared there. Quality is a tricky subject when it comes to screenshots and desktop customization, as it is mostly related to the viewer's interests or taste, but there are some shared qualities of posts that routinely catch the majority of viewers' attention. These include things like attention to detail, basic color theory knowledge, and consistency.</p>

Now that we've established some basic "laws of good rice", I'd like to talk about how we can get better at improving the functionality of our desktops and the aesthetics. I don't know about you, but everything I do to maximize my workflow, I learned from someone else. I remember looking at old screenshots that really interested me and trying to figure out all the open applications so I too could try them in my workflow. Without people sharing their sexy desktops, I probably wouldn't even be using *nix on a day to day basis, or programming, for that matter.

As I said in the first paragraph, we've seen the ups and downs of the subreddit. Right now, it's lower than it has ever been. I'm not sure if the community is evolving, or people simply care less, but I no longer consider myself part of that community and I don't like where it is going. If I had discovered the subreddit today, I know it wouldn't be enough to convince me to use *nix every day, like it did 2 years ago. Mostly all you see is "look guys I changed my icon theme, gtk theme, and wallpaper", and it's nothing special. Nothing worth sharing, anyways.
<p style="margin-top: -2em">This is where unixporn.net comes in. It was built from the ground up for us to share high quality, sexy, inspirational rice that will make people stop what they're doing and go "god damn, what do I need to do to make my desktop look like that!" And unlike /r/unixporn, there are active moderators who care about the content and care about the community. I hope to bring back the old thriving ricing community there once was, and I hope to improve the creativity to the point where it's higher than it's ever been. Feel free to post questions or comments here, or on unixporn.net where we have a post designated for that. Long live unixporn.net, and long live nixers.</p>

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