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(10-09-2015, 03:40 PM)October Wrote:
(14-08-2015, 12:04 PM)Malakian Wrote: Isn't this project maintained anymore?
jmbi stopped maintaining the project and sold the domain name to rocx, sadly he has to start from scratch.

jmbi also no longer has the old sources or a binary, so there'd be no chance of getting it back on its feet as it was.

skrzyp (sxrp) and I have also been going through a couple of ideas on registration and logging in and figured it'd help to get your opinion on how the procedure should go. The point of a non-standard registration is to weed out the skiddies of /r/unixporn who would gladly fill a form out if it meant showing off their new wallpaper on a default XFCE installation. One idea would be to make it based on the IRC channel, encouraging a potential user to be a part of the community.

For registering, a user would need to register their nick with the NickServ on the ioTek network (irc.iotek.org and irc.nixers.net). Then they would need to register a nick for the site to a bot just like NickServ.

For a user to log in, they would IDENTIFY theirselves with the bot (also like NickServ) and receive a short keystring. This string is a log-in good for twenty-four hours that is linked to a user's account.

This feels like a little bit of overkill to since I doubt there would be more than a few of us who would submit and comment on the site to begin with. That's also why I'm posting this here: for critique and other suggestions as well.

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