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I might also be wrong about tcc, because it is discontinued. It might not yet have implemented symbols for gdb.
So z3bra, what's your toolchain these days?
I finally managed to get a static musl-based toolchain! To do so, I used an alpinelinux container and compiled gcc multiple times.

I now have gcc, binutils, patch, make, m4, and so on, statically compiled.
If anyone wants to try the same, I'd suggest starting there:
It will let you build a musl-based cross-compiler that's portable.

I'm now able to build packs for my distro ON my distro (currently within an LXC container). I'm facing a few errors, but they are mostly related to the tools I use, and that don't behave like GNU's. For reference, here are the "tool swap" I made to avoid GNU:

There are still some quacks, but this toolset is rather usable for now. As a matter of fact, here are the GNU/tools I'm still relying on, and the replacement I'm considering (if any):

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