What's your oldest piece of hardware that's still alive? - Old school stuff
Here's mine. This was my fourth computer, IIRC, bought around 1996:

CPU: Pentium 133
GPU: S3 Trio64
NIC: Realtek 8029
SND: Creative SB16
KBD: IBM Model M
MOUSE: Some serial ball mouse with three buttons

It's not the original machine, though. Especially, the NIC was added much later. When I bought it, it had 32MB RAM, a different graphics card, and most likely a different hard drive. I had to replace the CPU because a very noisy fan was "glued" to the original CPU -- I just couldn't get it off. It now runs an identical CPU model but with a larger, quiet fan.

Given that my previous machine was an IBM Model 80 (and an IBM Model 30 before that -- meh, today I really regret giving that one away), it was a huge step forward: That Pentium was the first one to come with Windows 95 and it was able to play high resolution videos. Remember Good Times? Incredible at that day.

At some point, this machine ran SuSE Linux 6.1. I don't have that around anymore, though. This morning, I installed OpenBSD 5.7. Dead simple and works quite well. It took me a minute to get the serial mouse to work in X11 (notes), but now it runs fine:

To me, that's pretty amazing. This machine is about 20 years old and it can still run a modern operating system. Okay, well, you'll have a harder time getting Linux to run because that Pentium 133 is an i586 -- most current distributions require at least an i686 processor.

In the photo above (case.jpg), have you noticed that bay with the red LED? That's the hard drive. You can unlock it and pull it out. I have a second case just like that (https://dump.uninformativ.de/hashed/8669...e-case.jpg) with MS DOS and Windows 3.11 installed. It's Windows for Workgroups, so there's even a working TCP/IP stack. I was too lazy to switch hard drives today, so here's some older photos:

As you can see, it's connected to a modern LCD screen. I simply don't have the space to use a CRT monitor.

Every once in a while, I boot this machine for nostalgia's sake. Most old DOS games just work as they should (remember, that machine is already way too fast for a lot of DOS games). Browsing gopher holes on OpenBSD without X11 almost reminds me of using a dial-up modem to connect to BBS systems.

Most importantly, using the P133 reminds me that today's computers are insanely powerful.
You're old :D

My oldest piece of hardware that is still in use is a NEC Multisync XV15, a 15" monitor built in '94 according to the label. Still works fine. I almost threw it away last year with a bunch of other old hardware, but forgot it in the end. Later I found out, that one of my servers spits out a very strange signal over D-SUB, which none of my LCDs is capable of handling, I assume it forces a higher refresh rate or something, but the NEC can work with it. So it is my designated server monitor, which I have to carry around everytime something bad happens and I lose remote access.

Aside from that, I still own my first self-bought CPU, a Pentium 4 HT 550 with 3.4GHz and Hyperthreading from '04. I supposedly still runs, but I only have one LGA775 board left and that is in use. Impossible to cool that thing anyway.
A flash of the past, this thread is amazing.
The oldest hardware I own is a vintage stereo/amp from the 90s.
[Image: %24_75.JPG]

It's not as impressive as having a vintage computer and I don't use it anymore.
What I like about the hardware of that time is that you can open then and inspect the mechanical parts. The board was so big that you can visually analyse it.
Looks like mine is from around 2004, HP D530 P4 3GHz with 1Gb ram, it came with IDE & SATA, & has lost its case/mobo only.
Now only used occassionally for testing distros, with either a pendrive, USB HDD, or a SATA HDD attached when needed.
I have around 4 pretty old laptops and an old PC. Looks like the oldest one is probably a Dell Inspiron 2650. A also have an old Motorola StarTac that would probably turn on if I knew where the charger was.
My grandpa has a Grundig radio from 1958.
[Image: radio_Grundig_2066PX_restored_09oct2007.jpg]
Got a N64 with Doom 1! Does this qualify as old piece of hardware?
Oldest I've got is a Dell Vostro 1500 from 2007. It's got the Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz processor.

Use it all day err day, really need to buy something newer.
Eduan / greduan
old photo...
[Image: J8i03tI.jpg]
my atari 2600 is probably the oldest retro console i have...
but my record player might be older, idk.
(08-06-2015, 11:27 AM)xero Wrote: old photo...
[Image: J8i03tI.jpg]
my atari 2600 is probably the oldest retro console i have...
but my record player might be older, idk.
You seem to have lost a lot of time in that room.

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