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Hello nixers,
This thread is to ask a bit of help with the URNN (Unix Ricing Neural Network) project.

Simply put, it's a neural network that can automatically generate a very coherent terminal colorscheme with your background or give you the main colors your background should have based on the terminal colorscheme.

Quote:Explanation: On the IOtek Telegram group there was a conversation about AI and it drifted towards what we like doing, unix ricing. We began brainstorming what a Unix ricing AI would do. A bit later we started considering building one. Jmbi and I put real ideas together. We settled to use the FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Network) library and a simpler idea than the brainstormed ones.

The network works both ways, the inputs and outputs are the wallpaper and the terminal colorscheme.

In a nutshell, if you input a wallpaper it’ll give you a nice terminal colorscheme to go with it, or, if you input a terminal colorscheme it’ll give you a list of colors that should be present in your wallpaper.

We need more data to train the network.
Fork the repo, add your terminal colorscheme with the related background to the images directory (respect the format) and do a pull request.

At the moment we are missing pale colorschemes.

Some outputs:
[Image: CG8ZGqZ.png]
[Image: 84nIYJl.png]
[Image: 687474703a2f2f7075622e696f74656b2e6f7267...372e706e67]
[Image: N0k]
[Image: wG8Fd90.png]


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