Switching From Machine To machine - Hardware talk
I am using a desktop pc as my numbercruncher/workhorse, running Windows 7 wich hosts 4 linux "worker" VM's,
a macbook air 11" which i use mostly for work
and as my main machine i use a thinkpad T420 running OpenBSD.
I sync my code with dropbox and i use several external harddrives for storage.
I have a laptop and 2 custom built desktops.
I study in a town far from my home, so I basically use my laptop (Dell Inspiron 17R-5737) for everything (programming, irc, browse the internet, run virtual machines), its running Arch + Windows 8.1, the laptop has a 17" screen, its a bit heavy but it's really comfortable to use.

I barely use the other computers, one of them is mostly used by my brother. The other one I use it to make some weird tests.
I have FreeBSD running on a Thinkpad X201, a laptop with Windows 7 on it so I could check out SWTOR. I have an old desktop that I have my website on and where I play with jails, it also has FreeBSD on it. When I backup I just use an external hard drive, sometimes I place my dotfiles on github but they are there more or else if anyone wants to look at them. About every month I place what was on my external hard drive on my desktop, so I have 2 copies of everything. I'm running out of space on my desktop and have to pick up a couple hard drives for it.
I have a gaming laptop that I got a few years ago from before I discovered Linux and when I thought gaming was cool. I also have a cheap Lenovo desktop (don't have any special needs, and thus couldn't be bothered to build one). I hardly game anymore, so both the laptop and desktop run Linux. Finally, I have a Surface Pro 3 that was supposed to be for taking notes with at school, but is used less and less as my distaste for Windows grows.

During most of the summer, I've been almost exclusively using the old gaming laptop. I would've liked to use the desktop more because of the bigger monitor, mechanical keyboard, and trackball I have plugged into it. Unfortunately, all my files somehow ended up on the laptop. Consequently, the desktop remained powered off for several months. The Surface is nearly a lost case; I only use it to hand-write math stuff sometimes.

I suffer from a general lack of motivation to do things I don't deem immediately or fully necessary, so up until today, I never bothered to figure out a solution to keep files up to date on the laptop and desktop. What I'm using is this program called Syncthing (basically BitTorrent Sync but open source and more secure, I think) as an attempt to motivate myself to distribute my work between the laptop and desktop more evenly. So far it's working well. I was able to get all the files from my laptop onto the desktop super quick with it, and more importantly any changes or new files are synced immediately.
I got my main custom build desktop, which I'm normally on, and a ~4 year old HP Pavillion dv6 laptop that I dualboot Arch/Windows on and use on the weekends. For both of them I have a git repo on gitlabs that I use for dotfiles, and each machine is just a branch in the repo so I can merge across machines configs that I want globally. It works pretty well.
I converted to a Thinpad X200 a couple of months ago, which is docked in and thus connected to all my usual stuff, big screen, keyboard, sound system etc. When I want to go somewhere else, I can just undock it while running and take it with me and vice versa, which is really nice. Because this is a fairly old laptop, desktop-ing is fine, including HD-YouTube and stuff, but compiling and other heavy lifting is delegated to my big beefy homeserver (aka my old desktop) with a nice Xeon and more memory than anyone needs, which is usually on hibernation and can be woken up temporarily via Wake-On-Lan, even from the internet when I am somewhere else.

I like this setup very much, because it enables me to have a truly portable setup, and I scripted a lot to automate the usual tasks in this environment. Before, I had a laptop, but tended to not really use it, because it was just a different experience. I did not have all my data there, swapping SSDs is too much of a hassle and requires shutting down all involved machines, and so on. Now, I can literally have the computer I use almost every day in my bagpack while being somewhere else. Maybe I'll look into transitioning working from beaches or so :).
How come I didn't mention Ricerous in this thread yet.

Ricerous + a repo that contains your dot files is a really nice solution to getting your setup on another machine.
on a semi-related note. i just finished switching vps hosts.

i just ran:
rm -rf /home/xero/*
then disconnected.

it felt quite cathartic.
I use 6 years old a realtive enough desktop hardware with: 1st Gen Intel CPU, 4GB Ram, and SSD.
After then switching to source-based distro, I feel not enough powerfull for compiling, but enough for every-day using.
I plan in the near future built a new one.
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