Looking for laptop - Hardware talk
I currently have a Dell Inspiron 7000 series 13", and to be very honest it is quite nice. I am currently dual booting windows 8 and Ubuntu, for many reasons that I won't get into right now. But they work both work great, and the overall feel of the laptop is very nice. The touchscreen is sometimes iffy on ubuntu, but I don't tend to use it very often so that is fine. As a student the simple but sturdy from of the laptop is nice, and its thinness and lightweight is quite nice. Definitely would recommend it.
For the states there is System76, zareason and ThinkPenguin if you want a pre-installed laptop / make sure everything works out of the box. At least System76's hardware is just rebranded stuff from the Korean (or was it Taiwan?) manufacturer Clevo, just like the two manufacturers mentioned on page 1 of this thread.

I'm looking for a new notebook myself, my 2009 Macbook is dying and I want to leave Apple's ecosystem anyway. I wish the cheaper Dell XPS 13 without touch screens were available in Europe. :(
Guess I have to look at a Thinkpad or one of the Chromebooks with better hardware.
I got a Chromebook and it has its ups and downs
The downside is you need to fight against the system to get a native Linux one.

I myself am possibility looking into a Thinkpad
Keep me posted with the things you look into!
one thing im looking for in laptop is a keyboard with buckling springs. I think that should be mandatory and expected in all laptop models for its efficiency and form factor (much like my unicomp).
*looks at model m* If you tell me how to fit this monster in a laptop I'd be interested in carrying around with me, let me know mang!
I'm currently just using a 2008 Macbook that I got for something like $250. It's only got 2gb ram and the graphics card sucks, but it's moderately capable. Hardware rendering for mpv doesn't like to work though for some reason.

I'm wanting to upgrade the RAM and rip out the disk drive so I can put some more storage on it, but that depends on when I have the money on hand.
Thinkpad X201/X220

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