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Okay so this is really dumb but I was bored and edited the game "Digital a love story"
to actually be about nixers...

More photos/gifs if you guys would like!

[Image: 8URCj9s.gif]

PS: Still need to change sysop to venam from j rook ;)

also it seems gif and imgur compression have ruined the gif.
Heres what it looks like not screwed up...
This is the greatest thing to ever be posted on this site.

I love you, HouseOfTea. Please tell me how you did this. You should fork it and add an entire nixers BBS where the members talk to you ingame (not actually, but, like, you know how you respond to people, but you don't know what you say, but you see their response to your resp- I'm sure you get the idea).

Anyways, like I said. This is beautiful.
[Image: Ea7EALl.png]

Still having trouble editing headers and things. I only played around with it for about 30 minutes today.

It started with me trying to use the amie interface for a game I was making.
I sent the creater of the game an email and this is what she sent back:

[Image: ZasUX4U.png]

And I figured out that editing the game is as easy as changing a couple of words here and there.

This is what the game folders directory looks like:

[Image: y6U44lM.png]

For example to change lake city local to "nixers" all that I had to do was edit the lake_city_local.png picture

Album of that here:

Download the zip off the site and start tinkering away.

I didnt do much today but ill figure out how to do more later
Maybe we could work on a fork of it together?

Anyways you might want to check out renpy
that was the engine that she made it in.
I havent used it yet but maybe that will allow you to edit global variables such as names

Oh and also!
Something to keep in mind if you plan on editing the bbs images:

The art is done in 14x14px blocks

If you loook at the album I have attachted I have grids on and set to 14x14
also use snap to grid for the selection tool so you can easily edit areas of the image.

There might be a better way to do this?
Someone who is good with these things please tell me
(13-08-2015, 08:33 PM)Houseoftea Wrote: If you loook at the album I have attachted I have grids on and set to 14x14
also use snap to grid for the selection tool so you can easily edit areas of the image.

There might be a better way to do this?

Depending on how easy it is to get GIMP to setup a 14x14 pixel grid over the image, that might be the optimal solution to editing the photo assests in the game...

I gotta say though, Houseoftea, mad respect for reaching out to the dev and doing this level of research. Digital: A Love Story is one of my favorite indie games and creates a nostalgic and sentimental atmosphere and feeling to me. Granted, I was born in the 90s so that nostalgic feeling is artificial, to say the least. Nevertheless, it is a phenomenal and unique game.

In regards to creating a fork/editing the source, given what Ms. Love has said, if we want to do more intensive hacking on the source, we might wanna evaluate possible libraries, since it seems like Ren'Py wasn't the best option. However, if this is true, she did a flawless job working with it. But again on the contrary, in the future we might want to look at other solutions, possibly in other languages too (the latter is me subtly hating on Python. I don't really like it and don't have much experience with it).

Of course, I may be overthinking this. We might be able to work with what the game has as is, and just deal with it that way. The previous paragraph is mostly just some foresight as I see it.

So to say it bluntly, I wouldn't mind working on a fork. I'm not a good programmer, but I try to tackle every opportunity I get to sharpen my skills and I do love collaborating with others. I kind of see two paths here in this regard:

1: use GIMP and deal with Ren'Py to complete whatever it is we want, which may be fine (I haven't really checked the source to be honest).
2: Go hardcore on tearing that shit up and using a new library, allowing us more flexibility at the cost of much more work.

For now, I'll check out the source and see if I can do anything with it. I'll post again with other ideas or anything that I come up with. This might be something rocx would be interested in given that he too has played the game, but I'm not sure on that.

Great work Houseoftea, I'm impressed. Let's see if we can expand on a flawless game.
Good stuff, HoT.
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(17-08-2015, 11:15 PM)vypr Wrote: Good stuff, HoT.

Thanks man :)
And nice wallpaper, HoT.
i <3 that we've all just started calling you HoT
(18-08-2015, 10:23 AM)fayesafe Wrote: And nice wallpaper, HoT.

I stole it from xero ;)
Its just hash0 tiled but I like it a lot.
Now its some stupid pineapple. Im too lazy to change it becuase im going to be jumping ship in a couple of hours to a differnt disrto
(18-08-2015, 10:23 AM)fayesafe Wrote: And nice wallpaper, HoT.

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