Kernel configuration - GNU/Linux
Two things I'd recommend looking into:

1) Grab the current kernel config by running 'zcat /proc/config.gz > .config' and just place it in the kernel build directory.
2) Install OpenRC on ArchLinux (
Slightly off topic, why do so many dislike systemd? Ive come across many merely disliking it and not really giving any grounds of why. Ive read an Arch dev explaining why they use it and it seemed justified. And yes, I can google this topic, I was merely hoping to see what you all had to say.
As I have understood, systemd is an init system that tends to integrate a lot
of functionality, while also being quite feature-rich. People criticize that it
swallows programs which were standalone before, and the tendency
of some programs to contain systemd-specific code, which makes them less
portable and forces the user into systemd.

Of course, there are binary logging formats, which I tend to find rather

I have had some negative experience with systemd, but I haven't had the
chance to compare it to any other init system. should give you a quick start if you want to learn more
about technical problems with systemd.

This was an older post on the topic.

Id say im a novice to Linux still so init systems in general are a haze. The most I know is what the Arch devs have written on it. So binary logging formats is arcane terminology. Which Ill look into...eventually.

First Ill journey into suckless's site.

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