My distro called 'solyste' - GNU/Linux
It looks interesting, when I need a really minimal distro I tend to use tinyCore.
Using ed as editor-I love it!
I actually used ed quite a time when programming.

Edit: your distro reminds me of rlsd (
I like what you two did.
Just wanted to say that this is a great idea and I am in full support. If you need any help with anything let me know.

To me this is what nixing is all about. Exploration, creativity and minimalism.

Don't forget rice cjm ;)
I thank all of you for your kind words! This kind of feedback really boosts me.
remember to Keep us posted!
Hi Houseoftea (and all the other lads),

At the moment, I try to work on "modularity", hence I need to rewrite (sometimes from scratch) a few pieces of code. It's not the funniest part, but it is required. Many things changed since the beginning. I think a lot about what I will do, usually while losing my life in public transport.
I am also doing extensive tests (building solyste) from the other distros. I noticed some breakage (on Alpine for example), but it was not from me and GNU-only options.
For example:

Apart from that, I was thrilled to see the first batch of dudes joining #solyste on IRC, just like z3bra (we debugged things together) or t0b1nux.
Thinking about it, and imagining implementations occurs more often than I would have tough!

I usually carry some way to take notes with me for when I have new ideas, or think about a problem. Most of the time, it's when I'm driving to work, or back home. I just shutdown the radio so I can think about the different "problems" with a clear mind.
I don't want people to forget this project which is still ongoing. Yp is a bit busy, but solyste is not dead. Don't forget to take a look at his diary fellow nixers!

BTW, if anyone has experience in distro hacking, this might be a good place to start discussing it.
Cool distro! I just started writing a distro and yours is inspiring! I also use musl, don't use SystemD, and like things to lightweight! Thanks for your amazing work! Do you write a lot of little shell scripts to fix your problems? :)

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