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(16-04-2019, 05:57 AM)z3bra Wrote: I don't get it. You added this because you wanted the ability to do it without the keyboard?
Fair enough :)
cwm is actually fairly usable with a mouse!

I never really understood the purpose of .xsession... Isn't it similar to .xinitrc ?
.xsession is the new .xinitrc :)

(It's a bit more complicated than that. Under OpenBSd, a single user doesn't have permission to start an Xsession, you must use xenodm (the login manager, or another) to do so : it reads .Xsession.
Thanks for the heads up :)
I am a bit confused -- doesn't .xprofile also fill that role? That's how I've been using it a few years now with display managers, at least. Since my .xinitrc ends with the `exec $wm` line I've getting away with this hack:

eval "$(head -n -1 .xinitrc)"
remapping caps-lock to escape.
(25-04-2019, 04:32 AM)mrtn Wrote: remapping caps-lock to escape.
This. It's been so long that I did this that I'm now surprised when I use a computer without it!
yeah, it seems like such a small thing - but since the remapping, i've realized how often i use the escape key... bonus: no more touchbar-escape on my mbp ^_^

Well, OpenBSD cwm is great, but I was really missing the real multi workplace provided by dwm ( and dmenu ) . One cool thing : their is really a good thing to see. They were careful to put lines to include correctly the needed headers. Thins are quite faster with dwm. Xterm was also replaced again by st ( block yank really useful ).

All things were cloned to ${HOME}/src/ and the binaries symlinked to ${HOME}/bin.

I'm still using ksh, but I miss some things from bash like "{x..y}" or "for ((;;))". However, I'll train a little bit more with ksh.
(22-05-2019, 10:13 PM)wolf Wrote: Well, OpenBSD cwm is great, but I was really missing the real multi workplace provided by dwm ( and dmenu ) .

Not trying to convince you back, just be aware that you have it on cwm, and it is quite similar to dwm's!
cwm has groups, while dwm has tags. The only difference being that a window can has multiple tags attached, but can only be part of a single group. You can display multiple groups or tags at the same time though.
Now dwm is different in many way from cwm, so I can understand why you switched :)

Good stuff you switched to OpenBSD though!

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