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(16-04-2019, 05:57 AM)z3bra Wrote: I don't get it. You added this because you wanted the ability to do it without the keyboard?
Fair enough :)
cwm is actually fairly usable with a mouse!

I never really understood the purpose of .xsession... Isn't it similar to .xinitrc ?
.xsession is the new .xinitrc :)

(It's a bit more complicated than that. Under OpenBSd, a single user doesn't have permission to start an Xsession, you must use xenodm (the login manager, or another) to do so : it reads .Xsession.
Thanks for the heads up :)
I am a bit confused -- doesn't .xprofile also fill that role? That's how I've been using it a few years now with display managers, at least. Since my .xinitrc ends with the `exec $wm` line I've getting away with this hack:

eval "$(head -n -1 .xinitrc)"
remapping caps-lock to escape.
(25-04-2019, 04:32 AM)mrtn Wrote: remapping caps-lock to escape.
This. It's been so long that I did this that I'm now surprised when I use a computer without it!
yeah, it seems like such a small thing - but since the remapping, i've realized how often i use the escape key... bonus: no more touchbar-escape on my mbp ^_^

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