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Do you people think k&r is still valid for learning?
yes. 5char
(21-09-2015, 08:59 AM)Houseoftea Wrote: Do you people think k&r is still valid for learning?

Most definitely. It's one of the more useful C books out there (even today).
(21-09-2015, 09:03 AM)z3bra Wrote: yes. 5char
That made me choke on my coffee. Good joke :)
Quote:I don't see any specific programming language being beneficial in security applications. That's like me making a shitty PB&J and blaming the breadmakers for it.

I don't see any knife being better at cutting bread, so I just use my katana.

I'd phrase it this way: Given a random programmer who knows C and, say, Python equally well, it will take the programmer less time to produce a program with the same amount of bugs and security flaws with Python than with C.

You _can_ cut your bread with a katana, but J. Random Hacker won't be able to without cutting a lot of non-bread first.
Maybe it depends on what type of program you're writing. I'm teaching* numerical methods using the Chapra&Canale book. They give some very clear examples of structured pseudocode. To translatie that to an actual program needs just type definitions and interpunction. The difference between languages is surprisingly small.

*Not that I'm such an expert
@Dworin: I was writing about security applications. With other applications, I personally don't have any objections to using C. Heck, I myself use C all the time in programming situations where it is wholly inappropriate!

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