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One tool I use to harden my server and workstations: This may seems a bit overkill but it gives you a great overview of your host's security.

I'm also using a VPN, but hosted on my personnal server. I use it when I'm not home to access my personnal file and especially encrypt communications. I have a firewall on my laptop because my fellow students can feel like "r34|_ |-|4<|<3Rz" and aim you with silly scripts.

I must say that, even if it is not pure technical security, using a custom minimal window manager is very disruptive for other people. Each time I let people use my computer, I don't have to wait a minute before they need some help. I've seen people trying to open a shell for minutes. Who said security through customization ? That only protects you for few seconds/minutes, but it is an interesting behaviour to observe :) (also applies for different keyboard layouts)

I tend to remove any service I don't need and install only what is necessery. It's easier to install a minimal Linux so you don't have to remove tons of prepackaged crap. I disable ssh root login as well, change the ssh listening port, set up a fail2ban and use public key authentication. I check strange behaviours thanks to logwatch and run rkhunter and clamav regularly.

I use docker when I need to deploy a service (webserver, ftp server or so) on the university network. Not only because it's cool, but also because exposing containers protects my host a bit more than exposing a rotten service (I've seen mates using very weak ftp servers from which you can get root shells in a minute).

Other common security tips are: install security updates and use strong passwords (ideally set an enforced password policy). May seems stupid but you know, humans are lazy.

I used apparmor for a bit. Haven't reinstalled it on my new setup (humans... lazy... you know).

I forgot plenty of things but this is my first shot.

PS: A friend of mine told me he wanted to use this ( to run google chrome. Haven't tried it yet but it is promising.

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