Plan 9 and derivates - Other *nix-like OSes
Hey, in this thread you can share your experience with
Plan 9 from Bell labs and related operating systems.

Furthermore, it is possible to post stuff like screenshots,
custom plumbing files and programs written for Plan 9, 9front,
nix, 9legacy, 9atom and others.

I never tried plan9 myself, but the more I read about it, the sexier it looks!
Looks more like a network based OS though, that one would use in universities or a company (with the CPU/File servers + terminals model)
I started reading 'Introduction to Operating Systems Abstractions-Using Plan 9 from Bell labs' by Francisco Ballesteros and solving
exercises. It works fine with the newest version for the raspberry pi (single machine) and one already gets a good experience.

The most amazing thing is the code-you open a random file in /sys/src and you find readable, good code.
Most codebases have ugly spots and you see them when you skim through-but I haven't had this experience while reading
any Plan 9 code.

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