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(25-02-2019, 07:37 PM)z3bra Wrote: That's indeed pretty vague.. I'll give it a shot anyway!
The owner might refer to the kernel, which you only notice when it misbehave, and has multiple variations.
Now as to what can only be set during its creation... There is a lot of stuff!
What can render a kernel useless if it's missing?

A driver?

I might need to rethink my clues because when I wrote them I didn't take into account the vagueness. It's also possible that I don't have the best grasp on the item in question so I could unintentionally be leading you astray. For example the relationship between the item and owner, some might consider the item a part / piece of the owner and not something separate or "owned". I need to better understand the item first and then fine-tune the clues.

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