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Let's bring this little game back to life. It was so much fun!
One mistake I made though, was to use some of the questions from this thread as security questions to sign up to the forums. Little did I know that some of them aren't so straight forward or were driving people crazy (based on messages I've received).

Be sure to consult the rules of the game again:

  • The clues should be close enough so it's possible to guess.
  • There should not be any flame war in your post.
  • It's a well known thing, judge well what is well known.
  • Try to be funny.
  • When you find the answer use a spoiler otherwise you'll get a ban for a day. (might be a joke but don't ruin it for others)

Let me throw a new one:

I'm a command line utility
Someone recently talked about me (conf 2020)
They said I was similar to something with a zoo
z3bra also mentioned and used it in his talk (conf 2020)
Many confuse me with a certain protocol but I'm more of a tool that queries a DB.

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