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Long time nixers
i assume i'm not the only one who draws inspiration from random things.

for instance, at work i was fixing some bug and saw this product image and saved it.

[Image: l8lLTdR.jpg]

idk why, but i was really infatuated with the image.

if you haven't noticed yet, i have a thing for seamless tile wallpaper.

so i worked out the pattern, tweaked it a bit, changed the colors, added a new element...

[Image: coil3.png]
[Image: coil4.png]
[Image: coil5.png]

and it made for some cool wallpaper.

[Image: sysinfo.png]

show / tell me some of your inspiration stories nixers.
You did quite good job there, xero.

Hopefully I'll have an inspirational story like yours one day.
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Ah... inspirations.
I have a story for every single project I've worked on.
Actually, all of them were created because or as a consequence of a weird idea.

The potato game was made just after the gravity game.
It was summer, some years ago, and I wanted to try myself at a new HTML5 game.
I was cooking dinner for my little brother and big sister and talking about what the game could be about.
And, like all brainstorming sessions, we were throwing non-sense ideas until my brother said, while I was pealing potatoes to make French fries, "Why not make a game where you cut potatoes".

I replied positively and everyone was surprised as it was total non-sense.

I started working on the game and I thought of adding a new factor, an enemy!
I was sitting on a bench at univ when that girl, which I liked at the time, passed by. I told her to give me an idea of a "monster-thingy" to add to the game. She said "add a cockroach", and that was it.

The game was built. (It's not a very good game)

If you like this kind of story I can go on and on.
I have more Unix-oriented stories too.
Long time nixers
What software do you use xero for creating a pattern like that?
Long time nixers
Sometimes I see things and I immediately think: This is art.

It can be anything, the way some books are put into a shelf, a street,
people working or a chair.

It's probably because I have seen too much modern art, but it's also funny when
I realise I have stood in the street for 10 minutes staring at some street sign
because I got fascinated by it as a work of art.