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Explain your setup

Link of the recording [ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nixers...-05-08.mp3 (venam) https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nixers...-bonus.mp3 (sshbio) ]

You've certainly tried plenty of configurations to reach the one you currently have. Why and how did you come up to this? What's your philosophy behind it?

Venam and Sshbio go through their usual setup, describing them and why they are that way.

It would have been a cool addition to have a webcast.
Grey Hair Nixers
I could be nice to make a webcast compilation like what we did in the past for workflows. That could be a nice way to explain setups.

@venam: I smiled at the "Damn, vim won't quit!" :P
Pretty nice explanation btw. I could easily imagine you doing things on your computer while you were describing it. I guess you have the best point: It is the best setup because it is built around YOUR habits, and not because you got used to a prebuilt one.
(27-05-2016, 09:11 AM)z3bra Wrote: @venam: I smiled at the "Damn, vim won't quit!" :P
The hopeless q: instead of :q .

Yep, z3bra we should do webcast compilation.
I'm planning those.
In June we will have the TTY week and the webcast compilation.
Update: we did the Webcasts thread.
If you didn't submit one yet go on.

I'm sending stickers to the first 3 persons to record decent webcasts with audio.
Oxa has already received his.

It's a little incentive to say thanks to the community.