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Mostly non-distracting electronic music. Some of my favourites:

Also various OSTs, Star Wars 7 is good, Tron Legacy (although the mastering is mediocre), and Game of Thrones, to name a few.
(12-06-2016, 03:04 AM)venam Wrote: One answer: It depends on my mood.

^ this

but for the most part i like listening to instrumental music when trying to concentrate.
lyrics seem to distract me, i just cant help but sing along in my head when i know the words.
my music tastes range drastically, but some of my fav programming music includes:

- i speak in calculus
- metal metroid
- phlogiston
- x|k
- danimalcannon
- minibosses

so somewhere between chiptunes and metal/mathcore. lel

but right now i'm listening to algorithms
(12-06-2016, 10:44 AM)z3bra Wrote: vintage electro, especially http://radio.2f30.org:8000/live.mp3

Thanks for the hint. That's really nice. :)
It can depend on my mood too, but normally I'll listen to whatevers in my favorites playlist.

If I find that too distracting, I'll listen to classical. Anything, pre-20th century works. I especially like Beethoven, Mozart, Handel and Vivaldi.
it doesnt depend on my mood

I exclusively listen to Jamiroquai and nothing but Jamiroquai

We are Travelling Without Moving, experiencing High Times in hopes to be Space Cowboys because we are all Too Young To Die. One of these days I'm gonna get Canned Heat and go into Virtual Insanity, losing my Cosmic Girl and having to love her with a Little L. After that, I'd need to go Deeper Underground to get a Lifeline and Use The Force to get away from my Manifest Dynasty. I'd only be Alright after experiencing Morning Glory and even then, my life would only be a Scam. Light Years will go by before we no longer have an Emergency On Planet Earth.
I'm pretty much trash.

I listen to Pendulum and a bunch of dubstep. I also listen to The Glitch Mob, The Black Keys, Daft Punk, The Killers, and a tiny bit of The Naked and Famous.
(15-06-2016, 03:18 PM)Laserswald Wrote: I listen to...

what about http://etc.xero.nu/metroidmetal.tar.gz??? ;D
cat /usr/bin/* | aplay

when I'm brave.
I like to listen to old school jungle music (early 1990's), drum and bass, ragga jungle or IDM. I usually find mixes on soundcloud, mixcloud or youtube. Soma FM is also great https://somafm.com/
I tend to listen to TesseracT - Altered State when I'm building out environments. Otherwise, general computing and programming warrant epics such as audiomachine and two steps from hell.

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