This looks interesting - its got a limit of 15 users at a time though.
There are indeed a bunch of apps using webRTC. They require a compatible browser though, and don't allow recording the video. I keep it in mind, just in case. Thanks!
I could have sworn I read that it had an option to record but I dont see that referenced anywhere. My mistake.
I'm still unable to stream the video + sound. This is a bit odd as I followed basica example on the net.
I guess audio on linux is still driving me crazy...
Could anyone help a bit?

I already have the first two courses written down. All I need now is a way to schedule an online course.
z3bra did you work out your bgp thing? If not PM me your setup details so I can sanity check.
I did not yet. Not sure where the problem lies, and I would need a peer to trouble shoot this issue with me.
Ok so I have the presentation for the 3 first sections completed. I managed to fix my microphone to get an "OK" sound (there is a low white noise, but it should be okay).
Only the streaming part remains, as it seems the audio is not sent to the server. I need to figure out why... Otherwise, we can try doing a live session on mumble, and see if the lag isn't much of an issue.

I'll probably perform a test over the week-end if people are availaible.
As nobody even tried to help me, I had to figure it out myself, but I did! I did some quick testing with gents on IRC, and they could see my nice screen and hear my suave voice loud and clear! There is like 20 seconds of delay, but I guess I can live with it.

So if everything goes ok, I'll set the first networking course for this week-end! It will be sarturday at around 10AM UTC. Who would be available at this time? The session will last less than 30 minutes I guess.
Nobody available...? :(
I'll be there, I don't know if my connection will handle it but I'll try.

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