Painted my keyboard - Hardware talk
Painted my keyboard today, turned out alright. The gloss black previously picked up fingerprints far too easily.

Have any of you done anything similar?

[Image: d7RpSpM.jpg]
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What exactly did you paint and how did you do it.
It would be interesting to know how you achieved it and with what type of paint too.
Original look: [Image: slogan_model-s-ultimate_3.jpg]

Painted just the upper frame piece to reduce fingerprints.

Larger area in the top right looked strange empty so I slapped a sticker there.

Paints: [Image: YqbC4DK.jpg]

Sanded down with steel wool, painted with primer, painted over with matte finish.
I like the matte finish a lot, I am half tempted to try this.
Nice colors, especially like the sticker.
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I have the same keyboard. The stupid glossy finish is bothering me basically since day one. When my Ergodox is here and assembled i'll give this a shot.

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