I mentioned it in the podcast about Browsers.

Quote:* paranoid:
web sites i know to be evil, or just i think probably can be malicious,
or just i want to be reasonabily sure it’s hard for them to trace me
and my identity.

He builds a sanboxed webbrowser using firejail:

The paranoid version runs in a jail, with a different user with different
It will not access to sound, mic or cam at all. It will access network
only through tor, and it will run on a separate networking namespace.
Also, it will NOT share clipboard with the X11 session, as it will run
on a completely separate session using xpra.
It also passes through a proxy or tor.
Saves all the download to a temporary file system to make it more volatile.
Sagitarius also mentioned it in the "help secure your OS" thread:

So overall we didn't have any in depth talk about it yet.
It would be fruitful if you could log/note whatever you learn along the way and share it.

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