Quick update: been loving what I can do with firejail so far. Can disable all networking except loopback. It doesn't seem possible to keep it from accessing lo. But for things I know and should not have net, you can remove it from its stack. You can also restrict which binaries a program then has access to. For example, pidgin by default only has access to one binary, the pidgin binary. Clicking on a link results in an error of 'unable to find xdg-open'.

Modifying profiles to suit your needs is easy enough. I then modified the pidgin profile to allow for xdg-open but it doesn't seem to open it in the running firefox instance that is also currently in its own firejail. So I see there is an option to name the namespace the firejail is running as, and that option I believe will give pidgin access to open links in that firefox. More to follow.

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