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(13-09-2016, 03:43 PM)jkl Wrote: It amazes me that so many people who like the Unix philosophy decided to use Linux instead of an actual Unix, regardless of Linux's tendency to become a bloated monolith (see: systemd). Why is that so?

UNIX was on its way out the door even in the '90s; the folks at Bell Labs thought they were making the future of it by making the famed (amongst us) Plan 9. Even they knew UNIX had its flaws and were on the project to fix them. Besides that and proprietary UNIX systems, there isn't much of anything now unless you'd consider *BSD a "real Unix".

There's also GNU to praise/blame (depending on your outlook of free software and/or GNU's rather dismal code quality) for the rise of Linux. Perhaps we're better off with it rising than if it didn't. Who knows?

tl;dr People want things that work and do the things they want. That's why they're many who even acknowledge the choice in operating systems still stick with Windows in the first place.

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