Contact information updates - Off topic
Hello everyone!

Just a quick thread to inform you that I finally have my OWN email address, and mailing-list.
From now on, please use "" to contact me directly, and use the "" mailing list for anything related to the programs I maintain (subscription requiered).


HINT: I have the rocket jumping sarge, xero has the doom red.key !
Walterruiz looks like either a troll or (more likely) a bot. Has this forum come so far?!

Are we now important enough to be bothered with this kind of bullshit?
Beware Walterrruiz, we could use The Force
(10-10-2016, 08:35 AM)z3bra Wrote: Just a quick thread to inform you that I finally have my OWN email address
What a coincidence, I'm also in the same process.
How do you deal with changing your contact email in all the different places?
I found it helpful to keep a list of all the services you are using.
I updated all references to my new email address on my website. When people send me emails, I put my new address in copy. I'm also considering adding a "Reply-to" header by default in all my emails, but as I'll keep using my old address as well (for personnal threads with family and such, I'm not sure it's a good idea). I'll probably setup a keybind in mutt to add the reply-to header easily.
I found it sufficient to just not include my e-mail address in my source code. People can always reach out via the Bitbucket PM system or wherever I store the particular code. :)
As I host my code myself, the only way people have to reach me is the one I provide them.
Ah, I just found your web VCS. What is this system? It looks beautiful. :-)
That's stagit. It generates the content statically, making it lighter and faster to browse.
Static websites are awesome. I wonder if there is something like that for better VCS systems too. Thank you, bookmarked.