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Tried it myself. The init scripts are great, and so is XBPS. The speed of both is outstanding.

(28-10-2016, 01:31 PM)z3bra Wrote: For runit, I definitely love the design, but have mixed feelings regarding implementation. It clutters the output of process listing commands by spawning at least 3 processes per service. Extremely verbose, so it doesn't help troubleshooting issue, and elevates to a power of 3 the number of crash that could shut your services down.
It is relatively easy to setup regardless, and is pretty modular.

I definitely can back this up, though. runit could use some design improvements.
In what way could runit use design improvements?

Maybe we can get those improvements into the program.

It's not especially the recipe format that gave me troubles (though, as I said, I find that there is to much abstraction), it's the build environment as well. I hope things have improved since then, but back in the days (it was more than a year ago now), the build system was supposedly standalone, and self-bootstrappable. Except it was clunky. Creating the chroot was working, but it was failing to install the dependencies correctly, or had trouble linking them, once the package you just built was installed in the chroot, it failed at extracting it correctly, and so on. It was certainly partly my fault, as I was not good enough to do it on first try, but it was certainly missing some cohesion and sanity checks to ensure the builds were correct.

The idea remains nice though, building packages in a chroot to ensure all dependencies are listed is a nice idea.

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