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Hey everyone,

it's time to introduce myself, after seeing a few threads, where I wanted to write something, but didn't because I wanted to tell you who I am first.
I am asyncial, and I really like to know, what is going on on my computer. For that reason I study computer science and I experiment a lot with *nix in my free time.

I use Arch Linux with i3-gaps on my laptop, which is the system I use the most. On my tower runs Arch too, but also OpenSuse Tumbleweed and Windows 10 (just for the games, I swear!) I also use Alpine Linux on my Raspberry Pi Media Server and RetroPie (Debian) on my Raspberry Pi emulator console.

Lately I'm especially interested in the philosophies standing behind the different software and operating systems, like the classic unix philosophy, but also the hard copyleft philosophy behind the GPL and stuff like this. Besides that, I am into ricing, building PCs, cryptography, artificial intellegence and robotics.

English is not my native tongue, so expect me to make mistakes.
So, I hope I have something to contribute to this forums.

See ya!

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