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Hello hunters!

This post officially starts the third edition of the nixers internet scavenger hunt!
It all starts with this image that is the chest, the key, and the treasure.

[Image: hunt.jpg]

Internet scavenger hunt I
Internet scavenger hunt II

Some important rules:
  • Do not run any portscan, this will only get you lost
  • No external person intervention is required. Don't ask anyone for hints
  • Don't throw away the steps you solved. They might be useful again...
  • Have fun!

EDIT: This hunt is now over. Thanks to everyone involved!
EDIT2: Solution of the hunt can be seen here:
(10-03-2017, 10:06 PM)fhee Wrote: >
Red herring maybe, or maybe not?
it was quite easy. my status has changed, what are the rules?
Don't take it to easy. That is only the first step. The whole hunt can be done without any people intervention. I won't give you any "rules", you must understand it all yourself. Please don't spoil other users by mentionning the steps you resolved.

If you need help, don't hesitste to ask some help on IRC by messaging me. But well, it's quite easy so you shoudln't need any help :)
I've got a 404 at as well.
This is a hunt, not a bunch of links to follow. All the steps are solvable, but it does not meant they are easy. If you find something you cannot solve in 5 minutes, then you need to try longer, think outside the box. Every detail is important. When there is a text, you should understand its meaning, and not assume is there as a decoration.

If something seems "obvious" but doesn't work (eg. the 404), then it means you're not on the good track, and must try something else.

And no need to ask for "help" if you didn't even try to resolve a hint. Saying "I can't understand X, please help" won't get you anywhere. But saying "I tried X, Y and Z, and it doesn't work, I'm running out of ideas" will probably show that you tried. And at this point I will help you (or make the hint simpler if I realise it's way too hard).
For all people doing this hunt: Do not portscan the IPs you find. I am running this hunt on servers of mine running many services unrelated to the hunt, so you will lose time by trying to connect to many of these ports, and it will only get you lost. Do not make it harder than it already is!

I repeat, no portscan is needed/useful to complete this hunt!

Good luck!
awesome! let's do this thing!
Did everyone give up? Nobody's asking me questions anymore!

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