It will expire at some point yeah, but I'll try to warn everyone at least 2 weeks before it does. It will certainly be over by the end of april.
Who's still working on it? It's been a while since someone last pinged me on IRC (and I still can't see anything on my hunt logs :P)
It looks like many people gave up on it now. If nobody speaks out, I'll probably take it down by next month.
Ok, so my provider just decided that my server will be "decomissioned" because it reached end of support. One of the servers used for the hunt will be shut down on the 2017/05/01. This is then the deadline for everyone to complete the hunt (and there's nothing you can do to postpone it!)

Happy hunting!
I just found this after some away time. not taking it down yet right?
Nope, it will stay up until the deadline.
This hunt was so fun! Thank you z3bra for organizing it!
Hello nixers!
So here we are, 1st of may 2017. My provider decided to decomission my server because it reached "end of life" (typically, they raised their prices and didn't want me to keep this "low cost" server).
This server was hosting a fair part of the hunt challenges, and they died with it. Because of this, this hunt is now officially over.

Thanks to all the people involved in it. Especially xero, for giving me the will to set it up, and helping me testing the challenges before the final release. You're the man (you can finally change back your avatar :P)!

For all the pepple that couldn't finish it, I'll post a video of me doing the hunt, as well a detailed post explaining all the steps. Stay tuned!
As to the video, I would love to see that z3bra. I have been crazy busy with work and had no time to spend on it, so I'd love to see what you put together.
I love how we Windows users would probably have been fucked up at an early step anyway (no file utility, except for that GNU wannabe thingy).

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