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(19-07-2021, 10:07 AM)seninha Wrote: I have three launching systems:
• Right click menu with pmenu.
• Prompt/runner with xprompt.
• Keybindings with sxhkd.

Three launching systems?
It's time for me to write yet another X11 application: The One Launcher to rule them all.

Here's the motivation: I have three desktop-control methods. Some launchees (thing to be launched) can be launched by more than one method, while some launchees are launched by a single method. Here's a video.
  • To play the next song in the queue, I can press Alt+Space to open XPrompt (a dmenu ripoff) and write "next" to play the next song; or I can right-click on the desktop to open the pie-menu and click on the "next song" icon; or I can press Alt+F12 for sxhkd to run mpc next. Three launching methods for a single launchee.
  • To play a given song by its name, I need to press Alt+Space to open XPrompt, and write the name of the song. That's the only method to play a song by name.
  • To run an application (say, the file manager), I can right-click on the desktop and click on the FileManager icon; or I can press Alt+Space to open XPrompt and write "fm" (short for file manager). Two launching methods for a single launchee.

Each launching method is configured differently.

There is also another motivation, that I got after trying mlvwm. Mlvwm is a window manager that shows a global menu bar at the top of the screen. The entries in the menu can control the active window by sending keypresses to it. For example, clicking the Edit menu and then Copy sends Ctrl+C to the active window.

So I had this idea: a global desktop controller (launcher) and window controller.

It's basically a bar/panel à la macOS. Most entries on the global menu change as the active window changes, while some entries are constant between windows (such as the entry to change the song or run an application).
  • Some menu entries have an accelerator/keybinding. Pressing it, launches the given entry. This eliminates the dependency on sxhkd.
  • The global menu thing can be turned into a xprompt/dmenu widget listing all the menu entries. While you type the entries are filtered (just like in dmenu/xprompt). This eliminates the dependency on xprompt.
  • Some entries can be selected to build a desktop context menu. This eliminates the dependency on pmenu.

I just began to write this global menu thing.
Let's see how it goes.

That's it.
Just needed to share this idea I had.

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